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Check List

Things to remember while you are in Bhutan

  • In order to ensure that monastic life is left unhindered and protected, some religious establishments are restricted to tourist. Some of the areas in Bhutan are also closed to travelers due to environmental concerns. Inquire about this when you process for your permit.

  • In order to better serve our customers, we do not entertain crowding of many people in hotel rooms. Our hoteliers are committed to providing professional services. Safety of our guest is of high priority. Therefore, refrain from crowding many people in one room.

  • For visitors with private vehicles, please comply with the Road Safety & Transport Regulations 1999 and follow the maximum numbers of persons allowed to carry according to type of vehicle. For more information please refer section”Transportation”in this hand book.

  • visiting religious places: Bhutanese take”dalda” or refined oil, incense sticks ,and some sweets to offer to religious places. Once you are in religious sites (Temples, Monasteries, etc), we offer small change (money)as an offering to god. Also, please kindly abide by what you should know set out by the Department of Tourism.

  • Please do not forget to ask your driver or local people regarding the immigration check post because you must get your permit stamped.


What you should know


  • Request permission before taking photographs of peoples, events, or objects

  • Inside the premises of temples, dzongs or monasteries, taking photograph is not permitted.

  • Taking photograph is only permitted in the court yard area


Religious artifact/Antique

  • Please do not touch any religious artifact or antique

  • Purchase of religious items especially antique is prohibited

  • Please do not climb on or do anything that would show lack of respect to all Buddhist artifacts or antique, large or small ruined or not, they are regarded as scared.

Dress code

  • Please wear shirts with collars, preferably with long sleeves.

  • Please take off your hats while entering a dzong, temple or monastery

  • Shorts/half pants are not permitted while entering a dzong, temple or monastery

  • In some religious sites, sneakers are not permitted.

  • It is safer to dress up in ”smart casual”


  • Before entering a dzong ,temple or monastery please switch off all phones or keep in the silent/vibrating mode

  • Please speak softly within the religious premises


The Bhutanese  Way!

  • Please remember not to point with a single figure but using upturned flat extended hand especially to indicate a scared object or place.

  • Please do not walk over any cloths, books hearth or materials left open in religious sites.

  • Please do not encourage begging by giving money, candies, etc. If you wish you may leave small donations for genuine purpose at designated areas

  • Please refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol while visiting religious places

  • Always walk in close wise direction while visiting religious places or objects like temples, monasteries, stupas (chortens), prayer flags, etc.

  • Please throw rubbish only in designated areas.

  • Please refrain from touching any ritual objects or mural paintings.

  • If you are not sure, please ask local people.

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