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In collaboration with the Yoga Yangchen, Classical Himalayas focuses on Yoga and wellness. Our Open-air Yoga, wellness & meditation concepts provide a harmonious blend of physical exercise, spiritual connection, and immersion in the stunning landscapes of this Himalayan kingdom. Local yoga instructor Yangchen integrates Bhutanese traditions and philosophies into her teachings.

You can choose to take advantage of the stunning sunrise and sunset views in the mountain top, Wellness retreats at luxury hotels to local communities immersion.


Book Your Yoga Session

"🌄 Embrace serenity with Classical Himalayas & Yoga Expert, Yangchen! 🧘‍♂️ Join us for open-air yoga, wellness, & meditation amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas. 🏔️ Experience the harmony of body and spirit with local instructor Yangchen, blending Bhutanese traditions into every session. Choose your path to tranquility: from sunrise yoga atop majestic peaks to immersive wellness retreats in luxury hotels or within local communities. 🌿 Find your balance and book your journey now!


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